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Home Gym MF-953

Box Size

1905x735x205 mm = 3 Boxes, 1390x535x250 mm = 1 Boxes,  420x340x200 mm = 3 Boxes, 415x285x200 mm = 3 Boxes

Frame /Pipe

Heavy Duty Square Steel Frame of 2 Inches/ 50×50 mm Square Pipe


Cushioned Seat with Sweat-Proof Padded Foam for the User  to Exercise Comfortably


Non-Slip Padded Foam Rollers Secure Your Ankles & Legs & Helps  in Performing Workout Comfortably by Provides a Cushioning Effect


Rubber Foot Caps Protect Metal Framework From Damaging the  Flooring Stability to the Product, Keeping it in Position


Full Body Conditioning, Target Your Chest, Back, Triceps, Biceps,  Abdominal & Many More Muscles Groups


Pulley Locks are Easy to Open so User Can Use Additional  Attachments as well


Lat Pull Front & Back, Rear Deltoid, Butterfly, Crunches, Low Pulley  Row, Triceps Extension, Military Press, Bench Row, Leg Extension,  Wrist Curl, Bench Press, Side Kick, Back Kick, Upright Row, Biceps  Curl, Shoulder Shrugs, Bent-Over Row, Squats, Dipping, Hip Flexor,  Push Up Bar & Twister Etc.

Used for

Weight Lifting, Body Toning, Muscle Building & Body Strengthening

Weight Stack

72×3 = 216 Kg. Plastic Coating Weight Plates & Cast Cement Inside

N.W / G.W

392 Kg. / 413.2 Kg.

12 Years ago I lost 80lbs with the help of a personal coach and it completely changed my way of life. Since then, it’s been my mission to influence other people to start taking fitness classes. To begin improving their health and strength the performance! My belief is that if the workout is easy, it’s not a good workout then. A real workout should always be challenging and exhausting. I’ve always been known as one of the toughest coaches. With my end goal in mind, such severity is aimed to help you! Because this tough love will get you accomplishing something you thought you could never do. That’s where the value of the fitness comes to. The process of getting closer to that goal is actually the least enjoyable experience… But the first real results can bring tears of joy even to harsh, pumped men!

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